Wonder Woman Has Passed Deapool 

(Image: Warner Brothers) 

Wonder Woman was released, just over a month ago, and has completely blown away any and all speculation how much this movie, would actually make.  Cbr.com has reported that Wonder Woman this weekend, passed Deadpool bringing in a massive 368 million dollars domestically, Deadpool had 363 million dollars at its ending run in a theaters. With this achievement at the box office, Wonder Woman now becomes the 34th highest grossing film of all time.

In my personal opinion, Wonder Woman now, has set the DCEU bar so high it might be really hard to beat this, even when they, finally announce a second movie. Either way with the massive success of this film, it will be interesting to see if DC’s next movie Justice League will knock it down.  

It will also not surpise me if this movie hits the 400 million mark domestically. 

Wonder Woman is still in theaters! 
( Written by: Matthew Steagald) 


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