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It’s a new year, which usually means a new Battlefield game is coming. First off, I am a newbie to the Battlefield series, I have not played any of the games DICE has made prior, aside from last years Star Wars : Battlefront.  Here is my review for Battlefield 1!


This year, DICE took us way back to the First World War. Besides the obvious of the World War 1 setting, for the single player campaign you get to play through 5 war stories. Each War Story takes you through the war from 5 different individuals. 


Assuming, at this point you’re not new to the first person shooter genre, picking up playing this game will have a lot of familiarity, also if you’re not new to the Battlefield franchise then you have some experience to get a jump on the competition.  While the single player is amazing, and is exactly the way a FPS Single player campaign should play as, we all buy these titles for multiplayer.

The multiplayer gives you the choice of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Conquest, Rush, War Pigeon, and Operations.  Conquest and Operations are some of the most fun I have had playing online in a long time.  Conquest is a bigger Domination match, adding more flags to capture than just A, B, and C.  Operations gives you 4 scenarios, where you either take objectives or defend them. The scenarios are “what if this happened in the war” situations.

Assault, Medic, Support and Scout are the 4 classes you are given, each come with different loadouts, weapons and items. Each class has different weapons that can be used: the Assault class uses, SMGS and shotguns, while the Support class has LMGs with different builds. Each class has their own special items, like the assault class, that comes with a rocket gun and a tank grenade that explodes when hitting an armored vehicle.

To rank up this time doesn’t require you having to kill everything, it’s based off of hours played, and other objectives, such as being the team healer or the man reviving everyone. To obtain different weapons in each class you will have to spend some time ranking each of them up. And using “WarBonds” you receive when you level up.

At the end of each match you will receive Battlepacks, that will give you different skins for your weapons, or puzzle pieces for legendary weapons (similar to CS:GO crates, if you’re familiar with those).

My Thoughts:

Finally, here are my thoughts on this game. Hearing about the time period setting got me incredibly excited, since we haven’t seen the World War 1 time period in shooters yet. After having played Battlefront, I got a small taste of what DICE would be bringing to Battlefield 1.

This game absolutely crushed my expectations and made me a huge fan of DICE and their games. This game is a must play if you have played any of the previous Battlefield games or if, like me, you’re new to the games. The amount of depth and multiplayer modes make this an incredible experience and easily makes Battlefield 1 a top game of 2016, and with all the amazing maps and content that other games get, I can’t wait to see what DLC comes out this year for Battlefield 1!

5 out of 5

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