Two Weeks Away From Our Giveaway. 

We continue to talk about the, big holiday giveaway we are doing in two weeks. So here is the full, details! 
The contests starts, on December 5th and Ends December 12th, with the winners being announced that same day. There will be 4 names drawn from our official raffle bin, those names will be drawn for 1st place-4th place.  Those prizes are as follows

1st place- PS4 with Battlefield 1

2nd place-Final Fantasy XV or Dishonored 2 for PS4 

3rd place- Suicide Squad on Blu Ray and DVD 

4th place – Deadpool or Star Wars Force Awakens on Blu Ray. 

The winners of the 2nd and 4th prize will have their choice of one or the other. 

Through out the week,  we will have different ways for you too, have your name added into the bin. We hope for everyone to have fun, and know this is our way of saying thank you ! 

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