Time to Get Back Into Pokémon Go! 

(Image: Niantic and Pokémon Company)
Niantic, has been very busy these last few weeks, with adding multiple new updates to fix all the bugs and tracking systems in Pokémon Go. With a successful a week long Halloween Pokémon Go event and adding Ditto into the mix.   Niantic is now partnering up with Starbucks and Sprint, to bring more players back to the game, or add new players. 

December 12th we will be getting a full new update more than likely adding an additional 100 new Pokémon, rumors also seem to lead they are, adding Shiny Pokémon, and genders. Sounds like Pokémon Gold and Silver will be well represented. 

As for Starbucks and Sprint, both seem to be making certain locations PokeStops, Gyms, and charging stations for players who are battling. Also Starbucks is adding a yummy new drink to the mix starting Thursday. 

So these next few weeks, should become incredibly exciting for fans that have stuck with this game. We can also bet there is a X-Mas event coming!

Written By: Matthew Steagald

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