The Last of Us Part II Trailer


(Image: Naughty Dog)


Last weekend, during the Playstation Experience we were all treated to the announcement of  The Last of Us Part II, taking place after what is arguably one of the best game that ever release.  In the trailer, we see a grown up Ellie, and a very aged Joel.  The Last of Us was winner of over 200 awards, and was given an HD release on the PS4, as one of the launch titles. Which I will happily say it is one of the many reasons I purchased the PS4.  So we can only assume for now that Naughty Dog will have another massive hit on their hands.

Can we also be honest, and say that Naughty Dog kind of stole the whole show with the release trailer of Last of Us part II, and the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy


Here is the official trailer from the Playstation Experience



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