Tekken 7 review

2017 will probably end up being one of the best years for fighting games; and that will definitely include the newest installment of the Tekken series. Tekken has become one of the staple franchises in the fighting game world, producing some of the best games in its genre, and has managed to stay true to its self since the beginning.

Bandai Namco, once again, has brought us multiple ways of being able to play this game, from the Mishima story which feature Jin, Kazuya and Heiheci, single player arcade mode, vs mode, treasure mode, and even the ability to play tournaments online. And yes, this game comes stockpiled with fighters, there are about 35 characters available, all come with unique customization load outs.

Treasure mode, you continuously battle A.I opponents and receive treasure boxes which reward in-game currency or items that you can use to buy a large variety of clothes, props and a variety of other unlockables.

Bandai Namco has done a fantastic job in making Tekken 7 one of the best fighters currently out. Unlike many fighting games, Tekken doesn’t use the High Punch and Low Kick buttons, instead each button is used for each respective directional(Right and Left) Punch and Kick. This can make for quite the challenge to learn, but makes it that much more rewarding once you get the hang of the combos and move lists for each individual character.

Final thoughts, this is arguably one of the better Fighting games that I have got the chance to play in the last few years, solid and fluid fighting with a large roster of fighters will keep you entertained for days. This game is great to play with friends, or online. My final score is 9/10.

Written By: Matthew Steagald

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