Pokémon Sun and Moon Early Thoughts.

(Image: Game Freak and Nintendo)

Pokémon Sun and Moon has finally arrived. And after a full day and half of playing through it. This game feels, newer and less outdated then, previous Pokémon games.  With the additions of some new and cool functions, like the grooming and cleaning of your Pokémon after a battling with your Pokémon, which is a necessary step, in keeping them happy.   

This game feels like they overhauled it with some major changes,and not with just all the new Alolan version Pokémon. One change that I am welcoming, with open arms is the chance to switch out Pokémon after catching your 6th one. Normally it would get sent automatically to the PC Box, where you’d have to go get it. But now it allows you to choose to keep and switch a Pokémon that gets sent to the box.  After the months of build up so far this game is beating all expectations. 

We will have a full review for the game once we get fully through it! 

Written By; Matthew Steagald 

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