Our Pokemon Draft!


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Part of tuning in weekly to our podcast, you can catch our Draft episodes and this week with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon we wanted to, build our own Pokemon teams.

As our drafts work, we draft a single character or in this case, Pokemon.  Once that, Pokemon is picked, no one else can use it.  We only allowed each member to choose, only one Legendary or Mythic and one of the starters for their main team, however we did allow an extra starter and mythic for their bench.  The Pokemon picked, from this episode are Generations 1 through 6 Pokemon. Here is the results of that draft, and the link for the episode will be posted below for you listening pleasures!!

Drafters:                       Matt                 Sammy              Mark            Steve

Round 1:                   Meganium            Greninja            Charizard         Venusaur

Round 2:                   Nidoqueen          Galvantula           Arceus              Mewtwo

Round 3;                  Kyorge                   Aegislash              Gengar         Hitmonlee

Round 4:                   Banette                Hydreigon             Gyrados         Gloom

Round 5:                   Victrebell             Talonflame             Ditto             Ninetails

Round 6:                  Florges                   Conkeldurr            Lucario         Hypno

Bench Pokemon:

Matt: Blaziken, Lapras, Slyveon, and Gourgeist

Sammy; Klefki, Mawile, Zapdos, Gothitelle

Mark : Magezone, Torterra, Metagross ,Rayquaza

Steve: Entie, Skarmory, Pichu, and Koffin

That folks, is the the results of our Pokemon Draft.

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