Niantic Thanks You with Double Xp and Stardust! 

(Image: Ninatic and Pokémon Company)

Niantic this week is dropping, a new big update. As a way of saying thanks to the massive player base for the rest of the month, players will be getting double xp and double stardust! 

Thank You From Ninatic! 

The Pokémon GO phenomenon is still in full swing, with players all over the world catching Pokémon in the real world. As a show of thanks, for one week starting on November 23 at midnight UTC, you’ll earn double the usual XP and double the Stardust you would usually receive.
Thanks again for making Pokémon GO a global sensation—and enjoy a week of bonus XP and Stardust!

Also, some of you may have noticed the increase or decrease of the CP for your Pokémon, and massive increase for stardust. This is more then likely, a way to keep things balanced for the upcoming, battle update and Gen 2 Pokémon. I am super excited,  because my Magikarp is now more powerful.

Pokémon Go is available for iOS, and Android! 

Written By: Matthew Steagald 

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