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So this week is a game a little out of my wheel house. Some close friends of mine play it a lot and I figured I would give it a chance. It’s not my game type at all. I’m not into soccer, I don’t personally enjoy FIFA. Asian themed games like this also don’t call to me because of their over the top sexual content that just seems unnecessary. But this was a Com2uS product and I am very familiar with them. I got addicted to Summoners wars a few months back, one of the only two mobile games that I have ever spend any real money on. That’s when I knew that I had to make a clean break, before they broke my bank.

So first impression of this game was very off putting. I’m an American born and raised and I prefer my football played with pigskin. Basically I was out of my element right out of the box. As I play a bit more I come across very interesting characters. Some such as White Snow, who bares a very strong resemblance to a very young Snow White. As well as Didi, an interesting young lady who seems to really enjoy her frogs yet apparently does not like to wear pants. I found that both seems to be a little too over the top for my taste and a little unnecessary for a sports themed game. You can even evolve some players to look the same, but with less clothes. But it is a Korean game, I guess I can’t expect much. But in a sense I guess I can understand that they needed to give this game a little edge and take it beyond the norm of a “sports” themed game.

The basic premise of the game is to collect player cards and create the best team possible. There are a couple different ways to get players, such as completing events in the space time continuum, cashing in currency to draw them, complete miscellaneous achievements, scout them or complete levels in the story mode, even though those are mostly used for leveling up your already owned players. While leveling up your players and buffing them with spirit stones along the way to try and get an edge. There are five different element types in this game, each strong or weak against another. These consist of Ardor, Whirlwind, Thunder, Light and Dark.The player roster is fairly large. There are over 90 players just in the Ardor element alone. Your team consists of 10 players that you can either strategically place where you want, or if you’re feeling lazy or just really want advice on who works best where, there is an auto place button that I take advantage of a lot! But with all these team building components together you actually have optimal control over your team.

Not surprisingly this game tries to have a story mode with, you guessed it, a story. But let’s be honest, the story really means nothing at all. I have gotten so bored of it that I just skip the cut scenes at the beginning of every chapter. The stories in these types of games never make sense and are really just there to make you feel like all these random levels have a reason to be there. Each character even has its story, which I actually found interesting. The fact that even though they have a couple hundred of random players to choose from, they actually took the time and gave a bit of backstory to each and everyone of them. No matter how silly it seems, you can appreciate that effort. To be honest I really think that any sort of story in a game like this gets really lost.

In the ways of multiplayer, you can add your friends to use in your team when needed in Story Mode, Space Time Continuum and Colosseum matches. Of which are three of the four game types. The fourth being galaxy league, which is a PVP game type that you can make a special team that you can add your own 11th member instead of a friend. The matching system for the PVP is actually pretty reasonable. Some of the best match making I have seen for a game of this level.This game has six different types of currency, one of which is Friendship points. The others are your basic coins and crystals but we also have GP to pick up your GP scouts, Season points used for season scouts and dimension stones used to buy things like blind packs of five star players, stones or gold.

The way I look at this game, it isn’t much about the actual soccer, but team building and the leveling aspect. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I even found that the overly sexualized players had a lot of character. In most cases it played to their story and actually made some sense. I find myself playing this game at down times during work, while relaxing in bed or on the couch or even wasting time waiting for my food to come. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys loose soccer game play, fans of team building and really anyone who likes unorthodox games with basic event game play aside your everyday story mode. Very addicting.

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