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Have you ever played any of the Pokemon games? Well if you are reading this I can strongly assume that you have. Just this past week, Nintendo and Game Freak released their newest installment into this franchise. Pokemon Sun and Moon, the newest games introducing us the the alola region. A Hawaiian based region composed of 4 separate islands: Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ula’ula Island and Poni Island. There is also a man made island named Aether Paradise as well as a possible hidden island that is partially hidden by the clouds. This generation of games introduce us to many things, such as tropical themed Pokemon and alola forms from past generations.

Jumping into this game you will very quickly find out many many improvements they have made to this generation. One thing being the amazing graphics. They have really stepped up and made the game not just fun to play, but fun to look at too. They use these new found graphics to show how Pokemon should truly look outside of battle. Every bit of detail that is put into the Pokemon is shown at every single on screen moment. Not only do the Pokemon no longer get smaller sprites while in the over world, but you are a fully bodied person for the first time. You get to see a lot of this at the beginning of the game especially. In every generation past you start the game and with in minuets you have your partner, you start to explore and then start to learn whats so special about this region and its backstory. But I logged in nearly half an hour before I got the chance to chose my starter. They throw a lot of information at you at the start. But This is not a bad thing. In the beginning you are introduced to a good friend, your region professor, your rival and maybe even a legendary Pokemon, all before you take that first step to becoming a trainer. Is it a little overwhelming? Sure it is. Its a lot to take in when you were just going to chose between an owl, sea lion and a kitten. But all this back info gives you time to really think about your choice and get a feel for the amazing graphics.

When you do eventually get to make your choice, you of course battle your rival. As per usual. But entering a battle you will notice something very interesting. You have your choice between the usual four options: Fight, Pokemon, Bag and Run. But you also get a display of the battle area. On the top of the screen you can see a pokeball with a Y next to it. This is an amazing feature that lets you just press Y and decide what ball to throw. Totally elimination the need to go through your bag to attempt to catch a new friend. When battling a Pokemon after the first time you will find an addition to your fight menu. The menu now sports an effectiveness display depending on which attack and your opponents attributes. This add on come in handy a lot for those who don’t know everything about what is effective against what as well as the effectiveness of moves. But when you do decide to use your effective attacks enough to catch a new friend, you will be brought to the new registered screen. Which shows you the Pokemon caught along with a mystery pokeball next to it symbolizing future evolution’s. This screen looks amazing as well as showing the evolution chain very cleanly.

In every new generation, we are given a brand new Pokedex. Gen VII is no exception to that rule. But this time around we are given what is arguably the best Dex in any game. Sure this Dex logs the monsters you have both seen and caught. That makes it a good Dex, But what makes this amazing is that you have a Pokemon living inside. What used to be a lifeless piece of metal or plastic is not a housing unit for the electric Pokemon Rotom. Having him inside your Dex is like having a walking tour guide. Not only does he constantly give you tips and hints, but he works as a map. That’s right, a map. Not the generic map that just shows the major cites and routes that you get from Gary Oak’s sister. But an actual over head map that tracks you as you walk, showing points of interest as well as the basic area around you. You can also look at an over all map that blacks out places you haven’t been yet, but for the places you have been it shows you every detail of the area. This feature is amazing and really helps with planning your route on where to go next.

Some other new things to the region seam to have rid itself of pokemarts. What used to be an inconvenience of going to two different building in a major city, you can go to your nearest pokecenter and there you will find a shop in the corner to buy all your catching and healing needs. In the other corner of the center you can find a coffee shop. As if this game wasn’t aimed for hipsters enough. But then again, who doesn’t love a good cup of moomoo milk. While you are picking up your beverage, you might as well heal your fighting friends. As nurse Joy takes your team, you can see their sprites on the screen behind the healing machine as they are placed in. Not a necessary component to the game, but something that I defiantly appreciated. Shortly after your first pokecenter you are given an Exp Share. An item that is defiantly needed through out the game. It eliminates a lot of grinding, but that fact that it is given so early in the game is amazing.

I haven’t made it through the game very far. Just enough to pass the training school with flying colors. But i can already tell this adventure is going to be a long and amazing one. Even though most of the Pokemon i have found so far have been first gen, i’m sure there are a lot of gen vii on the way and I am waiting to meet them. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Pokemon of any ages. Where these games are made for a younger audience, you can defiantly appreciate these as an adult. It brings back all the fun you had playing Red/Blue as a child with so many better mechanics. This game defiantly deserves mobile game of the year, if that is a thing, just from the 2 or so hours i have logged into it. I will keep you posted with future reviews of this game, but for now i have no choice but to give it a 10/10

All images courtesy of Nintendo
Written By Mark Chiasson

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