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You all know and love the game of Magic The Gathering. But how many of us still play candy crush, or even farther back, bejeweled? Well when i came across “Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest,” I was extremely hesitant to figure out what i was getting into. After looking at a few screenshots I just assumed that as you rack up combos, you damage your opponent in a similar way to Pokemon Shuffle. So I went into this game with the mind set that this was just another one of those games with the MTG branding on it. Admit it, just because It has those great five letters, you would download it too. But I have to say that i was a little surprised in the end.

From the makers of other Puzzle Quest games like “Marvel Puzzle Quest” and “Adventure Time Puzzle Quest” you wouldn’t get the impression that this game has any originality. But on the contrary, this game has layers. You take to the field as a very familiar planeswalker: Liliana, Jace, Gideon, Nissa and my personal favorite of the bunch, Chandra. You are given(and can eventually customize and build your own) deck made up of the usual creatures and spells, but with an addon of support cards. While most of these cards seam very familer, the game plays a little differently then your usual run of the mill tabletop card game.

In “MTG Puzzle Quest” you use your racked up combos as a mana source. So instead of each turn, drawing a card, praying for a mana card to get your creature out and actually being to defend yourself, all you have to do is match a couple colors. Each card you have in your hand has a basic mana cost, as per usual. But as you connect the orbs and build your combos, you add to your mana pool. Depending on what order your cards are in your hand, the mana goes to the next top card that needs more mana. To me this was a very guiness way to recreate a traditional card game and give it a very interesting spin. Both you and your opponant take turns trying to match orbs and summon your creatures. The match is over when either you or your opponents life hits zero.

There area three game types to this game. You have your very basic story mode. Where you play chapter after chapter, against old planes walkers and new. This is a good way to build your currency so you can buy more booster packs and build up your decks. You also have events that you cant enter. Although this tab is still advertising that it is coming soon, it looks to be promising. Once you get the hang of the new play style and build yourself a personal deck, you can try your hand in the quick battle play type. This game type is your basic online PvP match where of course everyone is much better then me.

At the end of the day, this game is going to still be a Bejeweled knock off with some amazing MTG styling. This game was more then i was expecting it to be where as I actually got to chapter 16 before I got bored of the repetitiveness. You can look at this as a free to play, but pay to win games where I can see many people doping an easy $20 a week to boost their decks and rampage through the quick battle game type. But I would rate this game a a fun “I’m waiting for everything to recharge in all my other games” kind of game. Perfect for that quick, or not so quick toilet time game time or a quick match before bed.


Written by Mark Chiasson

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