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Sometimes in life we want to play god and create a bunch of elemental abomination. And sometimes we want to pit them against other abominations head to head to see who is the greatest god. No, we’re not talking about Pokemon. This week we dive into the world of Monster Legends. A game where you mix and match different monsters of different elements, and they some how come out in one piece and in a lot of cases kind of cute. Starting out with some basic elements such as Nature,Fire, Earth and Thunder, all the way to Light, Dark and Magic. This game takes the fun of breeding monsters to collect and battle to a whole new level I haven’t personally seen in a mobile game before.


Breading is always a gamble. If you decide to match together to basic types, your chances of getting both types represented are rather high. But once you start playing mad scientist and matching two different duo types together, well lets just say that things start to get pretty tricky. Some times you will make a duo type consisting of 2 of the 4 elements you are using, but i find that the majority of the time i just ended up with a basic mono monster that was just a waste of a minuet and i just ended up selling once it hatched anyways. The breading time can vary between a few seconds and a few days. Needless to say that the longer it takes, the more rare of a creature you have breed. But once you have waited days to make that egg you have been working so hard to make, you then have to wait the same amount of time for your egg to incubate. You can always spend your hard earned diamonds to speed up the process, but those aren’t the easiest to come by.


Besides breeding, there are so many other things to do. The first of which being decorating and organizing your island. You are given a decent sized piece of land where you build everything necessary to breed, incubate, house, power up, feed and battle your monsters. You buy and build everything with gold that is easily earned as well as accumulated through the different habitats. You build a different habitat for each of the different elements. What ever your monster is, that’s what can live in each habitat. easy enough, until you reach your 2 monster maximum occupancy and have to upgrade to fit more. But that is where the builders come in. You get 3 of them, but you can buy more with, yes you probably guessed it, diamonds. Kind of a lot of them at that. But when you download a FTP game, you know your going to hid a lot of walls with out paying any micro transactions. That being said, diamonds aren’t super rare. there isn’t a set number of them and you can pick some up by chance or doing the smallest of tasks. But they spend fast and its really hard to save them up.


The main part of needing these monsters besides collecting them is the attack menu. Once you have leveled up enough you will have fully unlocked all 3 solo battle types.Adventure Map, Dungeons and Multiplayer. Multiplayer is exactly what is seams. You go head to head against players around the world to see who the better, “breeder” for lack of a better word, is. Dungeons are time based areas where you battle to win gold, food or diamonds, among other rewards. The Adventure Map is where you do to battle slowly increasing in power monsters to earn pretty much the same rewards, just much slower it seams. Once all this gets a little redundant, and you have leveled up enough, you can join a team and do team battles. Your teams gets paired up with a team in close standings and you are given a day to prepare for battle. Given a specific type each of your monsters must posses. After preparation time is up you get the chance to chose your opponent on the other team and destroy them and take there medals. Or maybe if you are not so luck, get wrecked by them and get robed. Either way, you battle as a team and you are given plenty of time to keep trying and race to the top of your clan.


After playing this game for a week, I can defiantly see why Vanoss and Friends associated them selves with this game. Its a lot of fun, and very addicting. I find my self playing this game while at work, watching T.V., before bed, waking up and yes even on the John. Its one of those games where you play a bit and then have to wait for your work to finish, but also has things that you can do in that time to help the waiting seem less, as well as adding a lot of play ability. I actually don’t mind paying a couple bucks here and there to buy diamonds to make things go faster, or buy food to Carbo load my monsters to defeat a tough opponent. and that is rare for me to actually want to spend money on a FTP game. Monster Legends is good for anyone, no matter age or gender. Me and my wife play it all together and we are officially hooked. I think you would be too. I highly recommend this game. ★★★★1/2


Images Courtesy of Official Monster Legends Wiki

Written By Mark Chiasson

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