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Run games has been making mobile games since 2015 it seams, coming out with Football Heroes 2015. year after year they have released an annual version for 2016 as well as an official NFL sponsored 2017 version. Although i have not heard about this company or their games until very recently, I can say that i am impressed with their quality and ingenuity. It takes a lot of effort to convert someone from play the official Madden Mobile game with all its fanciness, to play, enjoy and get addicted to a game such as Football Heroes Online, Which is our topic for the week.


FHO is a quick paced football game. More or less a simplified Madden game. You start a match, kick run and repeat. Your average american football. But only this time it is a little more interesting. Instead of tackling eachother, you punch one and other untill your health or your opponents health is low enough to disengage. This factor makes the runs last alot longer and the game goes by so much faster. Each play gains XP for various tasks such as running the ball, winning a fight, catching the ball, throwing the ball, pretty much from doing anything positive. Gained XP allows your players to move up levels and unlocks extra abilities that correspond with their position. Abilities can be a game changer. Whether it be a super punch to get through a crowd of foes, a super catch to make Edelman like catched or a super throw the be just like Brady.


These matches are not long, and there is not much else to the game. play matches off line as well as online and collect player cards to better your team. All that being said, I do enjoy this game. I try not to play online due to every one else have very OP players, and all mine are still bronze. But that’s just because i haven’t put in enough time. This game is perfect for quick matched here and there, no long term screen time needs, as well as it being a very bingeable game with no “stamina” recharge so you can play as long as your heart desires.



Images from official Wiki

Written by Mark Chiasson

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