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This week we will be taking a look at the best game to play while riding your chocobo through the forest. I’m talking of course about FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper. This mobile only game goes cross generation and combines everything and everyone you love from one of the single greatest franchises into 331 Megabytes of goodness. Go across story arcs to level up your mix and match team to create the ultimate dream team that we wish we could have in any given FF title.

The story mode of this game is interesting. You chose a specific game you want to play through, and where as the enemies of the stages to fallow will be from that specific game, you can bring any character you want from any of the games you desire. so long as you have them unlocked. Which can be as easy as playing through a specific story arch to unlock someone from that story, or from events. These levels with in the story mode show familiar backgrounds to their respective game along with respective and very familiar enemy’s. Each game is represented as a book. Each book has it’s share of chapters. Each one unlocking the next upon completion. With in each chapter there are multiple levels. You have your round after round of mindless grunts, or random spawning push over creatures. But then at the end of most chapters you get a boss the directly correlates with the progression in its own respective game.

The event mode here is a series of your basic day of the week dungeon where you can get specific items depending on what day it is. As well as your timed events that give you things like characters before you unlock them in story mode, new limit breaks, new wardrobe, level cap breaks or even special characters. You get your basic levels just like in story mode that don’t take to much effort to destroy your way through. You also unlock Elite stages just like the story mode, but only in events you normally unlock memory crystals to that events respective characters. Memory crystals are used to make those members stronger.

To be honest, there isn’t much more to this game. But that’s the thing. It’s very simple and extremely fun. You create the ultimate dream team and then equip them with armor and weapons from across the multiverse and you fight enemies from aeons to Sephiroth. There is stamina in this game that restricts you from playing forever, but you can increase it very fast playing through story mode, wait for it to build back up(It’s way way way faster then Pokemon Shuffle, or you can just refill your entire stamina with just a single Mythril. It’s your basic turn based game that you have always loved and there really isn’t anything wrong with this game. Great for bathroom time, wasting time at work, trying to fall asleep or really just casually gaming when ever. there really aren’t any limits to this game. The only thing left to say is thank you DeNA Corp. for making a game I can really love for my phone. ★★★★1/2

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