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So in spirit of the newly released Digimon World, I decided to dive into the mobile game Digimon Heroes! This game is full of a lot of recognizable characters as well as some lesser known ones. Of the 882 digimon, split between 5 different types, available at the time of this review. I can honestly say that I can only recognize maybe a quarter of them. That’s even after watching 3 seasons accumulative recently of the original 2 series. But to be honest, it really is refreshing to see more than just Agumon and Veemon.

The combat system is almost like a turn based system, but you have so many turns before your opponent attacks. When it comes to attacking you are presented with a deck of cards more or less. each card will have one of seven images on it. Those seven being Dragon, Knight, Nature, Dark, Holy, Support and the Wild card. At the beginning of your turn, you are presented with 10 cards and a view to show you the next four. You have to choose three cards together to create an attack. Depending on the cards chosen, that decides which digimon is going to attack. It’s best to choose three of the same kind. This is how you start a combo. After those three cards are consumed, the game will continue to match any sets of three you have in your hand or included in the next card in the deck. When the combo ends, so does that turn.

When finishing every round in the level you will be granted digieggs, items and xp. Like most games you have an overall level that determines what game types you can enter as well as granting you full energy as you reach the next level. To level up your digimon you need to Digifuse them with others. Consuming the other Digimon as a means to get stronger. Once you have a Digimon that reaches its max level you can choose to Digivolve it. Doing so requires Evolution capacitors, which can be earned by completing miscellaneous levels or events. As well as having to sacrifice Digimon of specific type and level. The larger the Digivolution, the more you are going to need to sacrifice.

To be honest, there isn’t much to this game. It’s very straight forward. But just because there isn’t the most amount of content or the fact that it lacks real multiplayer play, that doesn’t make it a bad game. I would justify it as being a quick pick up game that you would be perfect for passing a few minuets, waiting for your shower to warm up, trying to fall asleep or anything in between really. I really like the fact that you can Digivolve Greymon into either Metalgreymon or Skullgreymon. Little things like that help make the game stick with its roots. That being said, i don’t feel the need to keep playing once i have started, all be it very fun. ★★★½


Images from official Digimon Wiki

Written by Mark Chiasson

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