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Growing up in the late 90’s as well as the 2000’s you would have been no stranger to Hasbro toys. Arguably dominating the toy market for both boys and girls. Putting out everything from nerf blasters, to easy bake ovens. In that span of time we were also introduced to a vast amount of toy line based cartoons or anime such as Medabots, Bakugan and B-Daman. My personal favorite kind of anime I may add. But after all this time, there in one that seams to be coming back to both Japan and the Unites States. That show being the one and old franchise turning spinning tops into collectibles and weapons. Of course we are talking about Beyblade. With the anime coming back, and select shelves being stocked with these battle ready toys, It looks like they decided to make a mobile app.


If you are not familiar with the Beyblade series, its basically a 2 player game where you build a spinning top comprised of an attack ring, defense metal and your stability base. You both “Let It Rip” into a stadium, and the last one left standing is the winner. Fairly basic and easy to play. This game allows you to scan in your existing Beyblade Burst Items(both tops and stadiums) as well as providing some basic ones, to mix and match and take on waves of AI opponents. But with the toy line not officially released we are forced to either look up QR codes online for these individual items, or play match after match to earn in game currency and buy random items from each weeks selection from the item store.


There are 3 different game types. Practice, Multiplayer and tournament. Lets focus on multiplayer for right now. after you chose your Beyblade and go into the multiplayer option you are given two options. Join a battle, or host a battle. It seams very exciting, being able to wreck players across the globe. Spinning your top on stadiums in every country. Until you cont find a match. Because there is no one on your local network that is playing the game. So it turns out that if you can physically let it rip with some one, you can battle them in the game. But if they live just out of reach and you want to connect over some awesome top spinning action, you’re going to have to find another way. Kind of a lost opportunity if you ask me.


Practice mode is an actually play able mode, all be it a very basic one. Here you chose your opponent and stadium and just battle. Very basic. But at the end of each battle each piece making up your Bey gains XP and in return level up and become more powerful. Leveling up is not the easiest thing to do though. My main Bey has been KERBEUS with the D01 defense and TS05 base. I have won a total of 29 battles and just reached level 3 upon achieving the 30th win. so it does take a while to level up, but it helps make players less OP. So i can see why they would add in a slight restriction.


Finally we have the tournament play mode.  Tournament mode has 3 sub modes. The weekly tournament, challenges and training. The weekly tournement requires a specific Bey each time, but gives a great amount of XP and currency for a relatively small in-game fee. Training is just that. You have 4 different types of training. Attack, Stamina, Defense and Balance. Depending on what your Bey is categorized as depends on which training field you can enter. completing these training sessions gifts you with a small amount of XP. And now we are brought th challenges. This is where I spend most of my time. Here you are given the choice between multiple battles. Each is different and have different requirements to join. Ether it is a specific Bey, level or type. They are kind of like smaller tournaments. Each costs a very affordable fee but provides a moderate XP and currency prize if won.


This game looks great and is very well executed. It does have its flaws, but what mobile game doesn’t. Once the toy line is available in america in early 2017 i can see the app being alot more fun, when the compatibility becomes a thing. All they would have to fix is the multiplayer and i would say this would be better then the physical game. But where it stands, this game is great for here and there couple minuet gaming spurts, and moderate for long term play. It gets very repetitive very fast. ★★★1/2


All images courtusy of the official Beyblade Wiki

Written By Mark Chiasson

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