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Do you ever miss classic enlarged pixel gaming? And no, i’m not talking about Minecraft. I’m talking about the classics like Space Invaders, Final Fantasy (The first few generations), The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man as well as the classic Mario Bros. There is just something about watching blocks moving around that really gives you a feel for the real game and not just dressing up a half produced game. Not only do you get to enjoy basic, yet delightful graphics, but engulf yourself in a world full of dungeons. The game of course, if you didnt already read the title, is 1-Bit Rogue. A go at your own pace pixelized dungeon crawler that has actually come to surprise me a lot.


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The mobile company Kan Kikuchi has a decent amount in the app store, but nothing quite like this game. The majority of their games don’t come in English, nor can you really notice what they are about at first glance. But I am sure glad that this one took off and in a language i can read. Although there isn’t a lot of reading in the game. Really just enough to get you started. But this game wouldn’t be possible with out Skipmore. The have their hands in a lot of pixel games such as Fairune, Pixel Rooms and Blind Man’s Dungeon. They are apart of dozens of games including some on the 3DS, and it defiantly shows in this specific title.


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You Enter the game as a lowly level 1 Swordsman. After a quick screen on the controls you are given a short story about being reborm. You are told to collect 4 artifacts with in a dungeon. When collected you will bring piece to all of earth. So you descend the stairs, deciding to fight what ever comes next. One each level there is at least one enemy, at least one chest and a button the unlocks the stairs to the next level. But of course the deeper you go, the harder the enemy will get, as well as the richer the reward. You can chose to fight the enemy and earn some gold to spend on the main screen, or you can chose to run away and live an other day. But always keep in mind that your health is very precious as well as your weapon, should you pick one up out of a chest, can only deal so many hits before it break. In each chest you will find one of 3 items: A weapon, A scroll or medicine. The Medicine will heal you, but depending on which character you are playin at that very moment will decide weather you equip it, or sell it for extra gold.


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The controls are very basic. You have your basic D-Pad which is used by slowly sliding your finger across anywhere on the screen. And that’s pretty much it. To attack you pretty much walk into the enemy. same with opening up chests and walking down stairs. To press a button you just walk on top of it. Very simple, yet very effective. After you eventually die, which you will, you will be brought back to the main screen with all your coins. You can then chose to either upgrade an existing character or unlock another. The other 4 characters being a Witch (uses spells), Cleric (uses weapons), Ranger (uses weapons) or a thief (uses both weapons and scrolls). Each of which has their very own ability specific to them. Leveling up your character increases Hp. This game is very addictive, especially since you don’t need to spend gems or crystals or anything to enter a dungeon and thus don’t have to wait for anything to recharge.


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If i haven’t said it enough i really enjoy this game. The dungeons don’t last forever, but they can take 10 or more minuets, and that gives the game a lot of replay value. Also the characters are a lot of fun to chose between. I personally play mainly as the Cleric because it heals when attacking and has no bless cost. Pretty OP if you do ask me. This game is great for killing a few minuets here and there, as well as at least a good hour of couch time just playing the game. It held my attention better then most mobile games can. Download this game and play it, you don’t know what you are missing.


Written By Mark Chiasson

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