Mini Nes Still Incredibly Sold Out Everywhere.

(Image: Nintendo)
Friday, November 11th. The day everyone waited for….To get your hands on the Mini NES Classic Edition console. For those unaware of what that is, it’s a smaller version of the original NES, preloaded with 30 games, and has an HDMI input and output, so it could be used on the newer televisions. 

For many of us that have, followed Nintendo for their 40yrs of existence we know, all to well that this is just a marketing ploy by them to drive up the want for them. This same thing happened with the WIi, and Amiibos. As frustrating as it is, I’m okay with waiting.    But if you really want one you can head to EBay and buy one for anywhere between $200-$600.  

As of right now, they are still sold out everywhere. The best way to get one will most likely too wait for after Christmas! The wait, will be incredibly worth it.

Let us know if you have picked one up! 
Written By: Matthew Steagald

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