Marvel vs Capcom 4 Rumored

(Image: Capcom)

The news has been breaking that this weekend during the PlayStation Experience Conference in California, we could be getting the new trailer for an upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 4. While still rumored, it would be nice to see a next gen Marvel vs Capcom game. 

Amidst the news circling with these rumors, is that the X-Men will be left out of the game, with the focus being on the Marvel Cinematice Universe.  I am incredibly excited by the idea of seeing a new game, but I enjoyed the X-Men characters that were in the previous games.  

However if they do, leave out the X-Men it, opens up the ability to add other great characters. You can only assume, if this game happens Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and SpiderMan will be there, but who else will make the roster? 

I’d like to see them add some newer and popular characters like Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan who’s abilities would be fun for a game like this, Loki, Ant-Man, also could see the addition of the Netflix heroes. 

We will see this weekend! 

Written By: Matthew Steagald 

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