Legion Pilot Review

(Image: Marvel Entertainment, FX)

Legion is the brand new show on FX based on the Marvel character of the same name. Noah Hawley created the show, who also created the amazing Fargo TV series.Even though the character has ties to the X-Men comics, the show is not currently connected to the X-Men films.

The pilot follows David Haller (Dan Stevens), a schizophrenic, who struggles dealing with the voices in his head and being able to determine fantasy from reality.  After a brief tour of his youth, the present finds David a patient at the Clockworks mental facility. It’s here where the majority of the pilot takes place. David has made a friend by the name of Lenny played by Aubrey Plaza. You might be familiar with Plaza from Parks and Recreations but she plays an entirely different character here. She’s very eccentric with off kilter humor that really adds the sporadic tone of the show. Things change when a new patient by the name of Sydney Barret (Rachel Keller) comes to the facility. It’s love at first sight for David. I won’t spoil anymore of the plot as it should be seen to be believed.

Dan Stevens plays the titular character and he portrays a troubled and unhinged person very well. The pilot episode is a mind trip. It’s mind bending and almost Inception like in its visuals. There’s so much packed in this episode that I had to watch it twice to truly make sure I didn’t miss anything. But that’s not a bad thing. This is a slow burn episode which is pay off at the end. If you’re familiar with the work Noah Hawley has done on Fargo, then you will notice the same level of cinematography and craft on display here.

Legion surprised me in how well done it was as I had no idea what to expect. Not having ties to the X-Men films I think enhances it, as it’s not restricted to the films rules and timeline. Legion separates itself from any other comic book show currently airing and it definitely separates itself from any other superhero show. I cannot wait to see more.

Legion is currently airing on FX and the pilot is also free to stream on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and check out Legion.

Written by Eddie Sampson



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