Kirby All Star Allies Review

For those of you who have gotten your hands on the Nintendo Switch, a game that released over the past weekend was Kirby All Star Allies. This is another hit, from the folks at Nintendo. They brought back everything we know and love from the classic Kirby games, but added the ability to play with friends. Kirby All Star Allies, allows for a player to befriend, one of the many critters that give him their abilities, there is about 28 abilities for Kirby to learn, and each ability or friend work with different scenarios in the levels.

Kirby All Star Allies is intentionally created as multiplayer experience so if your playing at home you can have your friends join you as they play one of the friend characters you get.

The only downfall to the game is it’s price point at $60 bucks for a not very long game. The game lasts about 10 hours or so, and it’s pretty simple to play. However that small issues aside Kirby is a solid 2d platform game, that works wonders on the Nintendo Switch, and should be added i had a great time playing this game, and it surprisingly has a lot replay ability.

My score for Kirby All Star Allies is 8.9/10

(Image: Nintendo)

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