Flashback Friday: Resident Evil 4

(Image: Capcom)

This week, on the Flashback Friday review, we are going to take a jog down memory lane and talk about Resident Evil 4! What better way to celebrate the release of Resident Evil 7:Biohazard.

During the Raccoon City incident we got to meet rookie R.C.P.D officer Leon S Kennedy, now 6 years later, he has become a U.S government special agent who has been sent to a remote location in Spain looking  for Ashley Graham the Presidents Daughter. Ada Wong also makes an appearance and naturally makes life harder for Leon.

This installment of the Resident Evil franchise saw big changes to the overall gameplay and newer enemies. Usually the Resident Evil games had fixed camera angles, this time your have the third person over the shoulder angle which zoomed in when aiming your weapons. Unlike the previous Resident Evil games where you had to fight in alleyways, and rooms full of zombies, your enemies this time are parasite controlled villagers and a cult called the Los Illuminados.  These enemies are vastly different, since most of them, can pick up weapons and run after you and signal to other groups of the surrounding enemies.

Not only was the enemies a big change, but they also added the ability to buy and upgrade weapons through out the game, along with the addition of quick time events during boss fights and running away from giant boulders.   They still kept some of the same formulas like the puzzles, running out of ammo in the middle of hordes of enemies, although the enemies did occasionally drop some ammo for you and herbs.

Once you finish the game, of course you get the ability to replay the game on a harder mode, or the really enjoyable Mecernary mode where you can use Leon, Ada, Krauser, Hunk and Albert Weasker, each come equipped with a different load out to beat the 4 maps given to the players.

Resident Evil 4, was released with fantastic reviews, and is still considered one of the best games ever made.  My opinion, this is my favorite Resident Evil currently, it changed the landscape of gaming and saved the Resident Evil franchise. At this point the game is on the GameCube, Ps2, PS3, Xbox360 and the current generation systems for $20.  I rank this game with a 5/5 and a must play.

Written By: Matthew Steagald

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