Comic Book Spotlight: Doctor Strange

By Eddie Sampson

If you saw or plan to see the Doctor Strange movie currently in theaters and want to know more about the character, here are a few comic recommendations:

Doctor Strange: Season One

By Greg Pak, Emma Rios


This story focuses on the early career of Doctor Strange and includes a modern retelling of his origin story. Touching on aspects of his origin, you will see similarities between this and the film. It reads like a classic adventure story while keeping the character of Stephen Strange human. The writing is excellent and the artwork is colorful and jumps off the page. This is a great place to start reading about Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange: The Oath

By Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin



The Oath places Stephen Strange in the role of detective. Without giving away the main plot, it’s supernatural mystery story that spans the multiple corners of the Marvel universe. It is written by the talented Brian K. Vaughan ( Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex-Machina) and is drawn by Marco Martin ( Daredevil, Captain America, Batgirl: Year One). The Oath is a personal and character driven story that comic fans old and new will enjoy.

Doctor Strange Vol. 1: Way of the Weird

By Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo


This is series currently produced by Marvel and it reads almost like a t.v. series. It involves Strange solving multiple magical cases while trying to figure out what is cause the death of Sorcerer Supremes form other dimensions. That along with the rise of dark magic disrupting other realms causes Strange to seek out help from other mystical allies across the Marvel universe. With both volumes 1 and 2 currently for sale, this is a great series to read if you want to get caught up on the current series.

These stories and more can found on Amazon, Comixology as well as your local comic shop.

(All Images: Marvel Comics)

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