Character Spotlight: Legion

(Image: Marvel Comics)

I’m back with another character spotlight. This time, I will be talking about the character of Legion. Created for Marvel Comics in 1985 by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, David Haller aka Legion, is the illegitimate son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and each personality displays a unique mutant power. Legion is considered one of the most powerful mutants who ever lived and has served as a major antagonist for the X-Men over the years. He was also the catalyst for a major reality altering event for the X-Men, which I will discuss below.

(Image: Marvel Comics)

The New Mutants Saga: Vol. 4

Author: Chris Claremont

Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz

Legion made his debut in The New Mutants # 25. He was a mental patient on the research facility of Muir Island where he breaks free and starts causing havoc. The team arrives too late and their personas start being absorbed into Legion’s mind. It’s their that a battle on the psychic plane occurs and the where Legion’s multiple personalities and powers are revealed. This is an old tale but a good one and a great place to start to learn about the character.

(Image: Marvel Comics)

The Age of Apocalypse Complete Saga

Author: Various

Artists: Various

In 1995, Marvel shook up the X-Men by shifting them to an alternate reality. Legion was the cause. After believing himself to be cured of his illness, Legion attempts to mend his relationship with Xavier. Believing Magneto is the root of our Xavier’s problems, he travels back in time in an attempt to kill Magneto. The X-Men travel back to stop him but in a series of unfortunate events, Legion kills Charles Xavier by instead. This sets off a chain of events where that change history and leads to major X-Men villain ruling the world. Age of Apocalypse was a defining event for the X-Men with Legion being the cause. This displayed the size of Legion’s powers but also emphasized how truly troubled he is as a person.

(Image: Marvel Comics)

Age of X

Author: Mike Carey

Illustrator: Clay Mann

Age of X is another reality warping story involving Legion. A doctor by the name of Dr. Nemesis, attempts to help Legion’s DID. Unfortunately, this creates a new personality that attempts to protect Legion. by warping everyone into a new reality. In this new world, the X-Men never formed but Legion is considered a hero and the protector of mutantkind.  Of course this could not last as everyone begins to wake up and realize this reality is false. While not as expansive and in depth as the Age of Apocalypse, this series is very entertaining and displays the immense power of Legion.

(Image: Marvel Comics)

X-Men: Legacy

Author: Simon Spurrier

Illustrator: Tan Eng Huat, Jorge Molina

Legion finally gets his own series in the title of X-Men Legacy. After so much tragedy and loss, Legion finally attempts to conquer his demons, heal is mind and take control of his illness. This series is interesting as one of the two main villains is actually a personality of his own. Never has any series before really delved into the mind of Legion. You get to fully understand who he is, how his crazy mind works and that at the core he really is just a troubled, tortured soul. This series is mind bending and trippy, only enhanced by the covers. The new show on FX will adapting much of the material from this series. It’s a great read as far as I’m concerned.

That wraps up the spotlight on the character of Legion. You can purchase these comics on Amazon as well as your local comic shop. I will be doing a review of the pilot episode of the show currently airing on FX. Comment on your thoughts on Legion in the comments below as well as our Facebook and Twitter page.

Written by Eddie Sampson



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