Altered Beasts and Streets Of Rage As Tv shows or Movies? 

Variety reported earlier in the week, that Sega will be teaming up with Circle of Confusion and Stories International too bring, some of the Sega Genesis classics to life.  The Circle of Confusion group already has some hit shows, too their credit, Walking Dead, Outcast and Dirk Gently. 

Altered Beast and Streets of Rage 2 seem to be at the forefront of, these reports. While I have not played Altered Beasts, nor am I familiar with bit, so I can’t say much about that. However Streets of Rage I played the hell out of, and enjoyed them. Streets of Rage 2, being the best of them, could be interesting as a movie, not sure how they could make a 10 or 25 episode show out of that one. 

To be honest, id watch the Streets of Rage one just too hear the music from the game especially that boss music!

Written By: Matthew Steagald

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