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This is the about us section, here you can meet each member of SteakhouseEntertainment! Each member comes equipped, with their own knowledge of gaming, comics, anime, and other pop culture.
Hey everyone my name is Matt, or Steakhouse as some know me, and I’m the host of The Steakhouse Entertainment Podcast. Growing up, everything was video games or anime for me, and add in the enjoyment of sitting down and reading comics. My first gaming console was the NES. The very first games that I owned on the system, were Mario Bros with Duck Hunt and The Legend of Zelda the gold cartridge. My first anime as a kid was Ninja Scroll(what a first start). The Batman animated series and X-Men cartoons paved the way for me getting into comics.
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Hi, my name is Mark. I like long walks on the beach and I am a Gemini. Oh wait, wrong site. My bad. My specialty is gaming. Everything from RPG’s to FPS to Strategy, Racing, Action, and even toilet games. In fact, I think I have the most amount of time logged into Mobile games I play on the john. But that’s not all that I am, I am a mono green player with an occasional splash of red if I’m feeling frisky. Power Rangers are my life and I will forever be a Green/Black ranger. Comics to me are a high collectible. Whether or not I get a chance to read them, I enjoy looking at them on my wall. Even though my very first tattoo was a Batman, I find my allegiances leaning more to the all mighty Green Arrow. But I will always be an advocate of the dark side, a Decepticon if you would. What else can I say other then I’ll always be the one of the group in flannel and sporting the best beard.
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Sammy (Handle: Azir) is an avid gamer, purveyor of anime, and loves all things tech. Programmer by day, gamer by night. Playing Blizzard, Square, and Nintendo games got him through his childhood years and followed into well into adulthood. Sammy typically spends most of his time on various RPG’s(including MMO’s) and MOBA’s. Some of his favorite titles/series include Final Fantasy, just about anything put out by Blizzard, and The Legend of Zelda.
He got into Anime thanks to Toonami growing up and has been hooked ever since. He tends to go for the Action, Sci-Fi/Mech, Fantasy, Adventure, and Rom-Com genres. To this day, Gundam Wing is still his favorite, followed closely by D.N.Angel and Love Hina.
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Eddie and Gillian
Hello everyone! I’m Eddie and no, that’s not my girlfriend in my picture. (Although I wish.) My love of all things geek started with seeing Star Wars at a young age. That expanded to video games with Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and so on. The X-men and Spider-man made me a lover of comic books. But Batman is definitely my favorite superhero of all time. I will defend comics as an art form until my last breath. I’m pretty much fan of anything considered geeky: Anime, Sci-fi/Fantasy films, TV, RPGs you name it. If you couldn’t tell from my picture I am a fan of Gillian Anderson and the X-Files. Finally, without a doubt my favorite video game of all time is Chrono Trigger.
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Whats going on everyone?! I am Steve, I consider myself a gamer. The Star Wars and Marvel Universes are where my soul lies. I have a decent comic collection, although nothing new since 2008. The first game franchise that hooked me for life into gaming was the Halo series. From there I moved on to Call of Duty followed by the Battlefield series( which happens to be the only FPS that I regularly play now). I am also a PC gamer and League Of Legends is my go-to game, occasionally popping onto Heroes Of The Storm and G-Mod Prop Hunt. So if anyone is ever looking for a friend to play with, feel free to look me up! I’m super excited for What lies ahead for movies and games.
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PSN: XxstevexrawrxX
League Of Legends & Heroes Of The Storm: HeIsAMrRee