2017 SE Awards

As we come to a close for 2017, we are going to be handing out some awards for the following categories. We as a group voted between multiple selections. Now reminder, this of course is opinion based, so some of you may agree or disagree with our choices!

TV Show of 2017– The Punisher( Marvel)- One of the biggest surprise shows to come out of the Marvel Netflix shows. Based on the reception he received for the portrayal of Frank Castle, in season 2 of Daredevil. Jon Bernthal brought an incredible take to the character, and was awarded his own show a year later. Aired on Netflix, November 17th with a 13-Episode season.

(honorable mentions: Stranger Things season 2, and The Defenders)

Anime of 2017– Dragon Ball Super- Having introduced the world too, Hit, Jiren, Cabba, Goku Black, and slew of other new characters for fans to enjoy Dragon Ball Super continues to be an enjoyable anime.

Indie Game of 2017– Friday the 13th and Cuphead- The two indie games this year that solidified themselves as top contenders in a market full of big name titles. Friday the 13th got brought to life thanks to the massive amount of fans who wanted to run around as Jason killing camp counselors. Now, the game did have a lot of bugs and issues at first but let’s be honest, even big triple a titles have launch issues. Guns Media and Illfonic, spent all summer getting this game fixed, and enjoyable. It surprisingly addicting to play, and this past few months they have added offline play for gamers to try using Jason more.

The second game we are awarding is Cuphead, this game is exclusively only on XboxOne and Steam, however despite that. It’s a beautifully made game, with an art style that makes this game easily one of the best of the year, it’s also insanely hard but, we can look past that.

Video Game of 2017– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild- Nintendo launched this as the big Switch title, and boy did it blow away all expectations. Nintendo every time, they release a new Zelda it strikes a cord with fans and ends up becoming an instant classic, this one will hold up for the rest of its existence, also it’s the biggest and longest one ever made. Hitting creatures with tree limbs couldn’t be more entertaining.

Movie of 2017– Wonder Woman, Logan, and The Last Jedi- When deciding what movie we would give the title of best of 2017, we were evenly tied between these three movies. Logan, couldn’t have been a better ending to Huge Jackman’s finale as Wolverine. Wonder Woman, did so much well to change the direction of superhero films, just like Logan it showed there can be different ones. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot deserve every accolade and award they win for raising a bar that deserved to be raised. Lastly, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is one of the best movies of the franchise, and was a great way to end the year. While fans are divided, about this movie. We at Steakhouse Entertainment are not, and feel this movie deserves our award. Not only that but it’s Carrie Fisher’s last.

That folks concludes our 2017 awards! Next year we will add a few more categories! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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